Measure your own and your friend's heart rate in seconds.

We can already mesure your heart rate, next step is blood pressure.

We can measure your heart rate through a video analysis of your face as we detect small changes of colour on your skin when blood filled with oxygen rushes across your face. So far, we can accurately detect heart rate but we are already working on blood pressure. So for now, if you want to know what your heart rate is, all you need to do is download our app or check out the free trial on this website.

Kardiobit can measure if your heart is breaking. At a distance. Magic. Pure. #healthdaysi

At kardiobit, we believe it's time for a giant leap in the evolution of medical sensors. Medical sensors are becoming more and more accurate but the user experience is being overlooked. In the future, medical sensors should be quick, easy to use and they should work without disrupting your daily routine. We believe that the next step is sensors that will monitor your vital signs through a camera and we are ready to play our part in that future.

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